Uncertainty was a 2020 buzzword and nowhere more so than in the job market. Furlough, redundancies – for many, jobs were hard to come by, let alone job security. But, as we start a new year, it’s not all doom and gloom – far from it in fact. 75% of our LinkedIn audience voted in a recent poll that they were already looking for, or considering, a new job, and we couldn’t agree more that it’s a great time to start to look for what else is out there. Not convinced? Here are 4 reasons why you should feel confident to re-join the digital employment market.

Job numbers are on the up

We may still be in lockdown Groundhog Day but compared to this time last year when roles fell to 30% of normal levels, the digital recruitment market is in a very different place. Back then, the market paused completely as clients took their time to re-evaluate their business model just to survive. But the cogs are definitely moving again and we’ve seen slow and steady growth over the last few months. To give you an idea of numbers, at Futureheads we currently have 89 jobs on the books for the first 6 weeks of 2021, compared to just 31 back in March last year. There are definitely options out there for you if you’re open to something new and are willing to move quickly.

Innovation is blooming

Yes, business has been tough over the last year but let’s not forget that for every industry that has struggled to keep a head above water, there is another which has thrived. Those who could pivot to a digital-first strategy, or worked that way in the first place, have been on rapid growth trajectories – fintech, healthtech and edtech, we’re looking at you. These industries are innovating, they’re scaling, and as a result they’re hiring. The roles are fresh, new and authentic, often created to solve a specific business problem, and we think it could be a hugely exciting time to jump on board.

An increased focus on purpose and culture

COVID-19 has completely revolutionised the way that companies work on a day-to-day basis. Flexible, remote working is now the norm, and that now works firmly in your favour if you’ve taken the opportunity to move out of the city or are looking for a new role which gives you a better work/life balance. Perhaps more importantly, 2020 also saw the dawning of a new era of social responsibility with the spotlight shone brightly on issues such as diversity, sustainability and equality. As a result, we’re seeing businesses start to place far greater emphasis on culture, purpose and values within the workplace which is great if this is high on your list of new role requirements.

The war on digital talent is still very much ON

We’ve moved on from the digital talent hiring frenzy we were used to pre-COVID but don’t be fooled – there is very much still demand for good talent, particularly as businesses move through the recovery phase and start to push growth plans. It’s worth bearing in mind that the interview process might take a little longer with more internal stakeholders involved and clients might take a little more time than before to carefully consider the best candidates, but the opportunities are definitely there. Clients are keen to build the best in-class teams to deliver new flagship projects, creating a raft of new roles for talented individuals in the digital market.


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