Here’s some benchmarking for UX folk and employers to start 2016 with.


Junior: £100 – 300/day

Mid-weight: circa £350/day

Senior: £375 – 400/day

Lead: £400 – 500/day

Head of: £500 – 600/day

Director: £600 – 800/day

The reasons for a broad range in each section is simple. Businesses have different sized budgets for the same role. In addition, there is fluctuation between industry sectors. In particular, financial services and government rates have inflated the market in recent years and are likely to continue doing so.

Typically candidates get solid experience under their belts before contracting, so the vast majority of the market is charging £350p/d and above.


Junior: £20 – 30,000

Mid-weight: £30 – 45,000

Senior: £45 – 65,000

Lead: £65 – 80,000

Head of: £80 – 100,000

Director / VP: £100 – 150,000

Salaries can vary outside of the ranges above because titles can mean very different things from one business to another, often depending on the size of team, industry, calibre of leadership skills needed, and areas of specialism. One company’s Lead is sometimes another’s mid-weight. As a result, using HR benchmarking software to scan the market can be completely misleading.

The wave of hiring taking place at management consultancies recently has caused confusion. Some consultancies pay low, and others pay over the odds. This causes data to be skewed and a lot of head scratching. The same goes for start-ups.

If you’re unsure then feel free to give us a call here at Futureheads and we can guide you on what range to consider.


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