This month in marketing - July 2016

Irfan Qureshi

Irfan Qureshi

In this monthly series, I take a look back at the best marketing articles and news of the month.

These are a collection of the most popular articles from the Futureheads social media community as well as some personal favourites.

Any others I missed? let me know (Email / Twitter).

  • MarketingStack: A curate directory of 280+ marketing resources & tools. Ben Tossell, community manager at ProductHunt curated a massive list of tools and resources that he finds useful. Trust me, Ben, so do I!
  • Pokemon Go. Unless you abhor video games or live as a hermit, you have probably heard of Pokemon Go (or even played it).  The amount of articles written on this game or inspired by this game is well, inspiring and tiring. Governments have tried to address obesity through multiple campaigns but Pokemon provided a solution overnight! I found two articles that proved to be a good read (article 1, article 2).
  • Twitter: customer service features for brands. Twitter is testing a couple of features that can help users get faster and better customer support from brands and businesses they follow on the platform. This includes a 'Featured' tab and 'Most responsive between' timings.
  • Twitter: Get that verified checkmark. Since the 'Verified' status started appearing on Twitter, users have been trying to get it. Call it a status symbol or digital vanity, it is useful for business and individuals and now anyone can apply for a verified account using their new online process.
  • Tumblr: The introduction of ads and revenue sharing. Tublr will roll out ad placements on the 300-million+ blogs on their platform. The ad revenue generated will be shared with content creators. Although I'm not sure what the split of revenue will be, it's still a great step.
  • Instagram for business. Surprisingly a lot of businesses still aren't aware of this profile switch opportunity. Follow the simple steps and switch over to the business profile for your company if you haven't already.
  • LinkedIn: Introducing videos for influencers. Following it's acquisition by Microsoft, LinkedIn is trying to boost its interactivity and is giving key influencers the opportunity to post 30-second videos on selected topics! I imagine with this move, LinkedIn (or Microsoft) is trying to tap into the Snapchat generation.

That's it for this month. Have i missed any? Are there any sites that you'd like me to monitor? Share your thoughts via Email or a Tweet