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Leaders in Change with Marty Neumeier | How agile strategy can build an epic brand in record time

Be Kaler Pilgrim

Leaders in Change is an established forum for leaders in the digital industry to talk about key areas of change they are driving, with conversations ranging from diversity and product development through to blockchain and automation.

Leaders in Change | Building a fairer future

Be Kaler Pilgrim

Technology has never been neutral; its social, political, and moral impacts have become painfully clear. But the stakes will only get higher as connected cameras will watch over the city, algorithms oversee society’s most critical decisions, and transport, jobs, and even war will become automated.

Leaders in Change | A year in review

Be Kaler Pilgrim

It feels like we've just got started, but our first Leaders in Change breakfast was over a year ago. Over the last twelve months, we’ve enabled some amazing conversations on everything from diversity and product development through to Ai and telling stories with data.



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