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Five ways freelancers can help your business

Jon Wall

Why use freelancers? Well, usually there is a time pressure or a resource pressure. An agency has won a new piece of business and the income allows them to plan for the future. But they don’t want the headache of managing the extra headcount, especially when delivering a short-term project. Hiring contractors will help ease the pressure and enable them to deliver.

Advantages of Self-Billing for Suppliers

Becky Blazeby

As a digital recruitment agency, we work with a large group of contractors whom we pay weekly. We introduced a new self-billing process at the end of May and since then, two-thirds of our lovely contractors have transitioned smoothly, so I wanted to explain how supplier self-billing could benefit you as a contractor.

IR35 - Inside or Outside?

Olga Curtis

A hot topic amongst most contractors right now and a question we get asked a lot particularly by new contractors is “Am I Inside or Outside IR35?” With recent legislation changes in the public sector and the likelihood of HMRC eventually rolling these out to the private sector high, the issue of determining IR35 status has really come to the forefront of contractor conversations.