In case you missed it, I’ve put together a recap of what went down at last month’s SDN UK event. The theme of the event was Sensory Service Design, so you’ll hear a lot about Service Design in this blog! But before I get into that, let me walk you through my whole experience of attending an SDN UK event.

I made my way after work to the Foolproof office where the event was held, handily only a short distance from FH HQ!  It was a good start to the evening; not just because I didn’t have to walk very far, but because by the time I arrived, networking was already in full swing. Great sign for a lively event.

It was so packed that some of us had to stand during the talks due to space limitations. Another good sign! No one minded though (even better!). Once we’d all taken our places, Leslie Fountain @LjkFountain, MD at Foolproof, opened the event by covering the agenda and introducing the audience to SDN UK and their goals for 2015.

Our very first speaker, Rupert Tebb @rupert_tebb, then took to the stage to share his insights on sensory service design. Rupert, who is a Social Innovator and Service Designer, focuses on developing digital experiences that change human behaviour. In his talk, Rupert shared how one of his projects, designed to help people with dementia, made use of sensory service design elements to solve their daily life problems. He explained that a deep understanding of people’s behaviours was crucial to service design. Rupert concluded his talk by stressing the importance of building context in making sensory service design projects successful.

Next up was Alastair Somerville @Acuity_Design from Acuity Design. He gave a short one-slide presentation on sensory service design. Alastair claimed that it was worth considering the methodology used in occupational therapy research to get a better understanding of how people sense space. He also added that observation rather than direct questioning was a more useful approach to get a more accurate understanding of individual behaviours.

Observation, rather than direct questioning, provided a more accurate understanding of individual behaviours

The event ended with a short panel discussion, where an audience member was awarded a ‘sensory sandwich’ for asking the most intelligent question. If you feel you’ve missed out and would like to catch up on the conversation surrounding this topic, you can do so by browsing the #sensorySDNUK hashtag on Twitter. And if you’d like to attend a similar event in the future, there’s one on the 15th of July that looks really interesting. Click here to find out more.

Please drop me an email on if you’ve got a service design question or a knotty problem you’re working on. I’d be happy to have a chat!


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