Hey there, my name is Catherine and I joined Futureheads 4 weeks ago as the Resourcer for the Project Management team. Since joining I can definitely say I have learnt a lot and my eyes have been opened into the exciting world of Digital Project Managers.

Here is a summary of what I have learnt so far:

1)      Information overload!

As this was my first proper job out of university I honestly did not really know what to expect.  After 4 weeks here I have learnt not only how to manage my growing inbox and transfer calls, but I have learnt so much about Project Management as a discipline. First of all, there are so many different types! Ranging from Digital Project Managers to Programme Directors and I have now learnt the difference between Project Managers and Producers.

2)      No two Project Managers are the same

The range of skills and experience each Project Manager I have come across so far as part of my resourcing amazes me.  For instance, there are Project Managers with experience in Agile or Waterfall, some have experience within both. Recently I have just learnt about Scrum which is a form of Agile.  As well as this, there are Project Managers who have client side experience, whilst some have creative agency experience or maybe there are some with more of a technical background. Let’s just say I will always be challenged here on the Project Management team to keep learning and that is what makes this job so thrilling!

3)      Don’t underestimate the power of social media

Before joining Futureheads I only used social media to keep in touch with my family, friends and to post pictures every now and again. However I have now learnt that it is so much more than that from a business point of view. One of Futureheads’ key strategies is the use of social media channels to raise awareness of our business and brand. We do this by reaching out to candidates, building relationships and sharing engaging content that reflects the FH brand personality.

4)      Being nice goes a long way

Everyone here at Futureheads is so open and they are always happy to answer my never ending questions! I immediately felt comfortable at my new desk after the first few days of joining. There also seems to be a constant supply of treats in the office so it is definitely a real test of my will power! As well as this, the Project Managers that I speak to on the phone and meet at registration interviews are always happy to talk and are patient with me even though I am new to Project Management.  It is through their openness that I am able to learn a lot more about the industry.

Overall, I am very lucky to have found myself a job working with such patient and friendly people in an exciting industry that is constantly changing.

If you are currently looking for a role please don’t hesitate to get in touch!



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