For those of you who didn’t get a chance to go to the most recent IxDA meet up, here is a quick round up. IxDA arranged two talks; one from Boon Chew, the organiser who gave us an overview of last year’s IxDA topics, and the other by Kevin McCullagh who shared his thoughts and tips on predicting future trends.


Talk 1 – Reflecting back on last year

The night opened with Boon giving an overview of what IxDA is all about. The IxDA meet up aims to apply real world examples of interaction design into the talks, and how this could be applied to other industry areas. Take a look at David’s blog piece to read more about the IxDA mission.

Over the last year we’ve seen some exciting talks on interactive TV, wearable tech, in home interactions, outdoors interactions and the future of financial interactions. We also had a student show and tell meet up where five talented students showcased their work, followed by a discussion on interaction design education.

Last year we also saw the IxDA awards. This is a global competition that covers all channels and domains of interaction design with five different categories to enter; connecting, disrupting, empowering, engaging and expressing.  The 2015 competition is now open for entries.


Talk 2 – Predicting Future Trends

Kevin McCullagh is a founder of product and service strategy consultancy, Plan. He kicked off reminding us all that, quite rightly, you can’t predict the future. Although, you can make an educated forecast and as designers – forecasting and thinking about the future is part of the job description.

When forecasting, there are plenty of things to keep in mind. Here are Kevin’s top three tips –

Predict what is relevant to you – You can’t be right about everything, predict for the design fields that are relevant to you. This allows you to stratify with keeping the future in context.

Social comes before technology – Beware of technological determinism.  The unpredicted changes our society over the past few decades, such as feminism, has had a much larger impact on today’s trends then future technologies such as 3D TV.

Differentiate between hype and trends – Kevin suggests creating you own tracking framework if you want to see emerging trends and separate them from hype. Please see below the Gartner Hype cycle 2014, which gives a system for differentiating predicted hype and trends.

2014 saw some fantastic speakers and discussions at IxDA London. If you want to hear more about any of these IxDA events please do take a look at the Futureheads news and views or get in touch at  Keep your eyes out on the IxDA meet up group and I look forward to seeing you next time.


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