Our new Principal Consultant, Maria Georgiou, shares her views on the design and creative industry and how Futureheads can help you…

At Futureheads, maintaining a fantastic client and candidate experience is at the heart of what we do. In the hectic digital market, with so many businesses looking for talent, too often consultants find themselves overwhelmed with too much work and without the capacity to run a consistent recruitment process in a personal way. At Futureheads, we’re driven by providing excellent service despite the fluctuations in the market and that’s why our new Design & Creative specialist Maria was a first-class hire.

Maria’s approach is all about making genuine connections with people and taking the time to understand what’s important to them, which allows her to meet clients’ needs in the best way. Something that can be easily neglected when chasing a deal in a growth market.

As an introduction, we asked her a few questions about her career journey so far, what the new role will mean for the business and what trends she’s seeing in the industry right now.

What is the story of your career so far?

I started my recruitment career in Sydney in May 2000, mainly working within agencies but with a few years exposure in internal recruitment. In 2016 I jumped at the opportunity to move to London and I have spent the last five years working within the creative space which I absolutely LOVE, providing freelancer resource to mainly large in-house brands such as Specsavers, Clarks, Thorntons, Boots, Farrow & Ball to name a few.

What will your role at Futureheads be?

I’ve joined Futureheads as a Principal Consultant. My remit is providing resourcing within the creative space, mainly freelance and contract roles, as well as playing an active role in the implementation of the sales strategy, specifically around the identification of new customers and new contract revenue streams within existing customers.

What trends are you seeing in the design & creative recruitment space right now?

The design and creative industries are booming, with a visible increase in the demand for Digital Designers, Visual Designers and Motion/Animation Designers across all sectors. The pandemic has definitely highlighted the need for more robust eCommerce platforms – brands realise they need to do more to stand out from their competitors. There’s a greater need for UX Design, digital marketing, production, and motion videos as everything in life remains digital and online-focused.

How has the pandemic impacted the client and candidate landscape and what’s your advice for candidates contemplating a new role?

There has been a notable jump in freelance opportunities as many businesses are still quite nervous about taking on permanent staff. This isn’t likely to change either, it’s more likely to grow as there are a greater number of people moving into a more hybrid working style.

I advise those looking out for new positions to be open to change, learn about the newest software, add to your skillset and be more of a specialist rather than a generalist. Adaptability is key as well as having an eye-catching selection of work across a variety of projects that you can share in your portfolio.

Do you have any advice for employers on how they can secure the best talent?

The employment market has changed dramatically through the pandemic – becoming noticeably candidate-led – and I don’t think this is likely to change any time soon. Employers need to review and tighten their recruitment process if they are going to attract the best people. Long drawn-out processes involving more than two interviews can now be seen as too long and applicants lose interest, which in turn means the client misses out on great talent.

The spotlight is on work-life balance and mental health as well as career progression, learning and development. Successful employers are those that are progressive and place staff wellbeing high on their agenda. Showcasing these considerations as part of their candidate attraction strategy will see them stand out from their competition and entice a greater number of quality applicants.

In short – know what you’re looking for, communicate it clearly, be agile in your hiring process and let people know what they can expect if they join your team.

If you’ve got any questions for Maria, she’d love to hear from you. Get in touch at maria.georgiou@wearefutureheads.co.uk

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