2021 has been a big year for Futureheads and our team has grown incredibly quickly with eighteen fantastic new additions to the team in the last year alone. At Futureheads, maintaining a fantastic client and candidate experience is at the heart of what we do, so getting the right people on board to provide an excellent recruitment service as we grow is essential.

We want to give our clients, candidates, and friends of the business a chance to get to know some of our new joiners, who have been doing brilliant work to maintain the bespoke and personal recruitment service we want to continue to be known for.

Meet Jamie Roostan, Maria Georgiou, Caroline Waylen, Simona Zalyte and Louise Wardale who have shared their experience at Futureheads so far, along with their top industry insights for candidates looking for new and exciting roles within the tech industry.

What’s your new role at Futureheads?

Jamie: My role at Futureheads is a consultant within the Engineering team, and I specifically work within the JavaScript ecosystem.

Maria: I am a Principal Consultant at Futureheads, focusing on Freelance & Contract.

Caroline: I am Head of People at Futureheads, helping to nurture the wonderful company culture we have, as well as searching for new employees to become a part of our inclusive working environment.

Simona: I am a Talent Partner at SyncD, an embedded recruitment solution incubated by Futureheads Recruitment.

Louise: I am a talent partner with SyncD and have mostly been working on UX focused roles.

How has the summer impacted the client and candidate landscape?

Jamie: I don’t know if it’s the impact of the summer, or the post-Covid climate and everything going back to normal, but it’s been super busy from a client perspective. It is a job heavy market at the moment, meaning candidates have lots of great opportunities to work for some really innovative companies.

Maria: More contracts have been coming in to cover shortfall on holidays, with the number of permanent roles still quite steady. It’s still a candidate-led market and clients need to act fast to capture top candidates.

Caroline: The job market within the digital sector is booming, which means the opportunity for consultants working within this market are excellent. We are currently recruiting across all three disciplines, both contract and permanent consultants to deal with the sheer volumes of incoming roles. It is a great time to secure some really exciting job opportunities within tech.

Simona: Tech is a candidate driven market and we have seen a high demand for talent coming from our clients. Due to remote work, location doesn’t dictate salary bandings anymore and there are some really exciting offers out there.

Louise: With things getting back to normal, people returning to the office and businesses ramping up again, we have seen a very candidate driven market. This has dictated hybrid working and increasing salaries in a bid to secure the best talent.

What is your top tip for candidates looking for a job in tech right now?

Jamie: My top tip would be first impressions count. Make sure your CV has the details of the tech you’re using and details on the project you’re working on, so people can get a good understanding of what you’re currently doing and what your capabilities are. Make sure you keep your applications to a minimum of about five at a time, so you can perform in interviews well and not be too overwhelmed, as there are lots of opportunities out there. I would also say on the other hand, be open and enjoy each conversation you have with companies, as being open to exploring new and exciting avenues is a great learning curve.

Maria: It’s so important to know what you’re applying for, to understand the company and what the long-term benefits are of joining them. The application process is a two-way street and it’s important to figure out which companies might be the right fit for you. It’s not always about the monetary value of a job – you have to ask yourself, are you after a short term or long term in?

Caroline: Make sure to do your research to understand why you want to move companies or switch roles – and find somewhere that fits you and your goals completely.

Simona: The ‘one page CV’ is a myth. Make sure your LinkedIn profile and CV provide enough information about your experience, the technologies you have used and where you are keen to learn more, an overview of projects you have worked on and your personal achievements. This will really help to grasp the employer’s attention.

Louise: Requirements in a job specification are in essence a wish list, so as long as you confidently display your capabilities and convey a willingness to learn, you should still apply to slightly more ambitious roles and make connections with the company.

If you like the sound of life at Futureheads, we always love hearing from great talent. Why not check out our vacancies here.

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