My name is Andrew Rogers and I recruit for user experience jobs here at Futureheads Recru" />My name is Andrew Rogers and I recruit for user experience jobs here at Futureheads Recru" />My name is Andrew Rogers and I recruit for user experience jobs here at Futureheads Recru" /> Help with a User Experience Job – Top 10 CV tips - Futureheads

My name is Andrew Rogers and I recruit for user experience jobs here at Futureheads Recruitment. I recruit for User Experience Directors, Consultants, Interaction Designers, UX Designers, User Researchers and User Experience Graduates for my clients.

In my role I get to meet all levels of user experience professionals and have interviewed 100s of UXers. This day to day research informs my top 10 tips. A CV should help you document your experience in a clear and informative way. Take a look…..

1. Who is reading your CV?

Your CV will be read by 5 people at least – A managing director or CEO, a line manager or subject matter expert, HR, Internal Recruitment, us and possibly SEO (if you choose to use an online tool).

Most of these people will try to read your CVs thoroughly however they can be busy so may be guilty of scan reading. It is important therefore to make your resume clear, concise and informative. Use headings, clear content areas and avoid acronyms.

2. Iphone or Android?

Some people may be reading your CV on the train home on a device – make sure it’s fit for purpose, platform and concentration spans.

3. A good introduction or personal profile

Your personal profile is a synopsis of your past, present and future. This ideally will be 3-4 sentences eg. I have 3 years experience of working in digital agencies as an information architect. I am currently working in the retail mobile space and looking to work within a larger agency with more complex projects.

 4. Your most recent experience – your real estate

It is likely that you will be paid for what you have been doing in the last 18 months – commercial experience in addition to a qualification is likely to take precedence in this space. A recent graduate should list the modules and practical and theoretical elements of their qualification.

5. Don’t confuse the reader – it’s not a puzzle

Important stuff like a job title, company name and employment dates including month and year are all essential. Some people miss these key bits of information and it can really confuse the reader. Nobody should have to be a detective to solve the mystery of how long you have worked somewhere. Try to keep the layout consistent throughout your CV.

6. Context

Not everyone is fortunate enough to work for named brands like Apple or Google, so you might need to give some background information on the nature of your current employer’s business. A quick overview of the company will be helpful to the reader. Helping the reader to further understand the team and your role will help explain more detail and context around your deliverables.

7. Bullet points

When you are detailing a project and you notice it’s over 30 words including a number of clear concise bullet points is very helpful. Using bullet points to break up your responsibilities including projects, documentation and length of project will help the reader navigate the detail.

8. Tell my why you are great.

I meet lots of people who come to an interview and talk to me about a brilliant, proud moment in their career, but sadly they often omit this detail from their CV. Always outline your key success, awards and recognition.

9. Tell us a story

The best CVs are the ones that tell me a story, and I want to read them. I’m not talking about poetry or realms of text. I am looking for an engaging journey, full sentences with a clear narrative.

10. Portfolio

In my space, 100% of people expect to see a CV and a portfolio. Your CV opens the door, your portfolio keeps it open a little bit longer. For portfolio advice please look at my colleague David’s recent video

If you are currently looking to revise or create a CV from scratch, I would be happy to help. Get in touch with me at or 0207 776 9744


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