Author: Chris Chapman, Associate Director – UX & Service Design, Jon Wall – Client Director

The thought of a job interview can be nerve-wracking, particularly for those who haven’t been in an interview situation for a long time, years perhaps. Here are our tips to help you feel prepared for the interview, and how to follow up when that fantastic job offer comes along.

Prepare to stand out at interview: Do your research! Check out your interviewers on Linkedin; get to know their background. You may have shared connections, or interests! Check out the product, be ready to give balanced feedback about what you like, and ideas for improvements. Prepare a list of questions; sometimes a great question is as good as a great answer. If you can ask them a question that really makes them think, challenges their assumptions or fuels further debate, they’ll remember it!

Do your reading: Here are some of the most important technology developments around at the moment, so make sure you’ve done your homework if the job is tech-related:

  • Healthcare: Data privacy and innovation within telemedicine
  • Education: Adaptive content & investment in online learning
  • Fintech: strategic partnerships and marketplaces
  • Insurance: AI for risk management & case management

Following up after an interview: Sending a positive follow-up email can leave a great final impression on the hirer, but be mindful that the reader is likely to be time-poor so keep it brief. Thank them for their time and reaffirm your interest in the position. If something didn’t go well, acknowledge it, and offer new suggestions having reflected on the question or task.

Negotiating salary following a job offer: You performed fantastically at the interview and they’ve offered you the job, so now’s the time to discuss salary which many can find tricky. Try and get an understanding of the salary on offer prior to communicating your expectations, give context around your thoughts and offer some level of benchmarking to show you know the industry. Communicate other motivations for joining the business as well as financial ones; employers want to hire candidates that are invested in their brand and product; while money is important, it shouldn’t be the primary motivator.


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