Are organisations taking real action to eliminate unconscious racial and gender bias?

Unconscious bias in the recruitment process – whether that is founded in racial, gender or any other prejudices – is hindering organisations and employees nationwide. More awareness, discussion and action is needed by industry leaders to bring about real change.

As part of our mission to be a more diverse and inclusive business, and to help our clients with their own diversity journeys, we’ve been encouraging our network to shine a light on their recruitment experiences when it comes to diversity, showcasing good practice alongside challenges they have faced along the way.

In this vein, we took to LinkedIn and ran a series of polls asking our audience about the latest policies their organisation had, or hadn’t, implemented to eliminate unconscious racial and gender bias from their hiring process.

We received over 700 votes in total which was incredible – so thank you to everyone for voting! – and after analysing the results carefully, these were the top five learnings we drew. The main lesson: most companies say they want to attract a diverse workforce and have a good idea of the key steps to take, but few are taking those steps in practice.

Overall, when we gathered all the results, there was one clear trend: the measures our audience considered important – such as anonymous CVs and diverse interview panels – were not being implemented into the recruitment process of the organisation they worked for. Yet, the diversity measures that were considered the least effective at eliminating unconscious bias – such as inclusive job descriptions – were most likely to be implemented.

Ultimately, it was clear everyone had an opinion on what steps were most effective and necessary to create a more diverse hiring process but, in reality, this wasn’t being reflected in real action by organisations.

We hope these learnings inspire our network to get started on their diversity journey focused on creating real positive change, not just ticking the diversity box. Plus, keep an eye out for our latest Diversity Doers blog series through which we’ll be putting the spotlight on organisations leading the way on the diversity issue, showcasing good practice, sharing practical first steps and inspiring others to get started.

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