We recruit across the digital product lifecycle. This means we get to spend our days working with generally awesome people who are doing interesting work across technology, product management, user experience, digital design, project management, analytics and insight, marketing, change and transformation and leadership roles.

We also love exploring what makes digital minds tick. To that end, we launched a new interview series FFS – Futureheads Five Stories, where we speak to interesting people to find out about the important markers of their career and their thoughts on the future of their industry.

And we couldn’t resist the acronym.

This week, we sat down with Servane Mouazan, conscious innovation consultant, DesignSprints master, and founder of Ogunte C.I.C.

What’s the story of your career so far?

I was born in France, in a family of educators, teachers, public servants, micro-entrepreneurs, fascinating hard working people with loads of stories to tell. I started my professional life in the Netherlands, did my baptism as a campaigner and an activist in Brazil, and became an adopted Londoner in 2003.

For the past 17 years, I have been running programmes and events that focus on women in social businesses. I have done this to prove that women, when given more space, can hone their skills, amplify their connections, and solve pressing social and environmental issues whilst creating commercial opportunities at the same time. My work has been about motivating, coaching and developing global practitioners across sectors, each time learning more from them and sharing that learning with others. This allowed me to help my clients co-design experiences that transform people’s worlds.

My career is not a linear “thing”, it is more about being part of a movement I have to contribute to. I can be a journalist, a mentor or a CEO, one day, and then an analyst, a campaigner, a program manager, a funder, another day. it doesn’t matter. What is important is the result and how well I can deliver with peers.

What advice would you give to yourself when you were just starting out?

It looks a bit like a GP prescription, but had I been given this advice when I started, I would have saved a lot of time and pain.

  1. Give yourself permission.
  2. Think about the whole system, not just your little product.
  3. The circular economy is the way forward, babe. And people are part of it too.
  4. Know your boundaries (don’t just say yes because you want to be part of it)
  5. Don’t worry yourself and take care of yourself.

What do you love most about what you do?

Through connecting and amplifying women, with resources, diverse stakeholders and places, through building their impact organisations, I hope I am contributing to making the world a little bit less stupid, and much more worth living in. That makes me jiggy and get up early every day. If I have the opportunity to do that face-to-face with social entrepreneurs and other professionals, and not just in London, I enjoy it even more.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned over the course of your career?

That even your small, evidenced, measurable change can take place. You can share it with colleagues, you can influence people, and it can have a huge ripple effect, eventually. So stop talking about it, just do it and  #StickAtIt !

What do you think is going to be the biggest challenge in our industry over the next five years?

The world doesn’t work in silos. Youth unemployment and poverty will have major implications for society and business at large, not just any particular industry.

A little bit about Servane

I am a conscious innovation consultant and a DesignSprints master, passionate about bringing human-centred practices and strategies for the staff and boards of socially conscious businesses. I founded Ogunte C.I.C., now a certified Bcorp, that trains and amplifies the work of women in social ventures, since 2001. We have supported more than 7000 women changemakers and entrepreneurs through business training, leadership and conscious innovation support. We have developed the first incubator and investment readiness programme for women in social enterprises in the UK. 

In parallel, I have also managed funds for grants and challenge competitions for social innovators. I sit on various gender-focused ventures’ advisory boards, as well as the British Council Society group’s advisory board. 

You can connect with Servane on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can find out more about Ogunte C.I.C. here.

Want to take part in our FFS series? Say hello at liz@wearefutureheads.co.uk.



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