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JavaScript framework trends - A recruiters perspective

Katie Jackson

As a recruiter specialising in tech, I have to remain active and engaged in this continuously evolving market.  Attending meet ups and events are key to helping me understand how best to communicate to the technically minded and knowing industry knowledge always helps build respect with both candidates and clients. On a daily basis, I am speaking to and meeting with front end developers, so it is important that I listen and make a note of new #trends in the market, as I know it will not be long before clients start requesting the same technical skillset which excites developers.

When I started in recruitment eight months ago, I quickly learnt that the JavaScript scene changes at a very rapid pace and it seemed like new technology was coming out daily.  The buzz word when I joined was of course ReactJS, firstly loved by developers for being the latest commercially desired technology to educate themselves on, but also for those who started using it found it was more lightweight than AngularJS, often creating cleaner and more condensed code. More recently Angular2 has come into play, rivalling reactJS and almost certainly trumping its sister AngularJS. Since starting in recruitment to now, there have been several evident growing #trends across the front-end market, all which I have picked up on from speaking with developers. 

A non-technical woman moving into Technical recruitment

Katie Jackson

In my last job I was pretty hands on; I had to think on my feet and resolve issues a lot of the time... however if I had a problem with my company phone or laptop I would be running straight for our I.T. department, crying for help.  Sometimes the issue was quickly resolved, a simple task which I could have completed, but I am just there to rely on my devices, not fix them, right? To say I was not technical was an understatement, but that wasn’t to say I didn’t find this new world of technology fascinating.



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