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Encouraging Diversity: How can you make your recruitment process more inclusive?

Emily Massey

Futureheads are a proud signatory of the Tech Talent Charter, which is committed to increasing the diversity of the technology workforce in the UK. As part of this, we have committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within our own business, as well as helping clients to consider how they can attract a more diverse applicant base to their business.

Deeds not words | How can we get more women involved in technology?

Emily Massey

I kicked off this year's London Tech Week with a panel hosted by The Trainline on why there aren’t enough women in tech, and what we can do about it. I  am really interested in the complex discussions around diversity in tech, and I have been to a number of panels and events focused on the lack of women in tech. However, this one stood out because it had a clear call to action: what can we do about it?



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