Like most businesses last year, April 2020 was a period of difficult decisions and Futureheads saw some big team changes as a result. Someone we were particularly sorry to lose in that process was Jamie Roostan.

Jamie worked with us for six months prior to the start of the pandemic and showed she had huge talent. So when we were forced to make the reluctant and never easy decision to make redundancies at the Associate Consultant level because of the impact of Covid, we really hoped we would be able to come back to her with a job offer again at a later date.

We kept in touch, checked in regularly and planned social get togethers for when lockdown measures eased. The good news is the stars aligned for us to re-recruit Jamie into a new role this April. We’d like to give her a HUGE welcome back – she has so much talent and is loved by the team so we really missed her!

We asked Jamie a few questions about how it feels to return and to get her take on how things have changed over the past year.

How have you found coming back to Futureheads?

Mainly busy! We’re getting calls all the time, which I think is a reflection of the market at the moment.

In particular, I’ve noticed a big increase in calls from clients that are building their tech teams with new roles. I’d say this shows they’re investing budget into tech to drive business growth now that the economy is reopening. It’s a really interesting time to come back on board and the signs show it’s going to be a really good year.

Have things changed since last year?

The team structure has changed and everyone seems more settled. We’re all working really well together and it’s like one big family. There have also been some system changes and we have a beautiful new CRM which we’re all loving.

One new initiative that I really like is Futurebrain – every two weeks someone is nominated to talk about something related to tech, for example, there was a recent presentation on blockchain explaining what it is, why people use it etc. It’s a great way to get everyone to understand the different markets and areas within tech and ultimately helps us all to keep our finger on the pulse with dedicated time to learn.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I’m loving being in the office again. Even though we do have the flexibility to work from home, I like being around my colleagues! There’s a brilliant team culture here and a really positive environment which is casual, friendly and happy. We all fit straight in – there’s lots of characters from different backgrounds but there’s no judgement and we all love working together. It’s a really fun and friendly place to be. I’m sure there’s no other recruitment agency with a culture like this!

I like how at Futureheads we celebrate the small things, like finding a good new candidate and everyone gives high fives. There’s lots of support in that sense and we even have access to free counselling sessions.

I also like what Futureheads do to champion diversity and inclusion and living the company values rather than just giving them lip service. Our recent partnership withThe Ability People is a perfect example of that. Just the other week, we all attended an eye-opening talk from paralympian Liz Johnson and now understand so much more about how we can support people with disabilities within the recruitment process.

Managing Director Nathan Callaghan commented:

“Covid put us in a terrible situation and we had to make some uncomfortable decisions. Now with 2020 behind us, thanks to Jamie, we have been able to get the kind of person we know is right for Futureheads back in the business and put things right once again.

Jamie was a brilliant recruiter already, but has grown professionally in that time and has come back with a year’s worth of skills and experiences so we’re lucky to be benefiting from that. Her positive attitude and energy does her so much credit and we’re all hugely happy to have her back.”

If you’d like to say hello to Jamie or welcome her back, you can reach her on


1st floor, 2-7 Clerkenwell Green,

UK +44 (0)203 319 4720

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