We’ve been busy. Over the last few months, we’ve been working with several of our closest clients helping them with onsite talent management, supporting on volume recruitment as well as helping them establish recruitment processes and tools.

As we get ready to scale this offering up, I wanted to share a little bit of background on why we’re supporting more clients in this way – and what we’ve learned along the way about building digital teams effectively.

All change, please

Going back a few years, our clients would often be looking for support on building an app, or a new website. Digital was making an impact, but it was often owned by a specific team.

Now, we’re seeing a whole new scale of digital transformation. Digital is no longer a separate channel but is embedded throughout the business.

This means that businesses undertaking big transformational projects are looking for volume of highly skilled people across the digital product life cycle – and unsurprisingly, recruiting and retaining these people continues to be one of the biggest challenges for most organisations.

Partnering up

We’re seeing more and more of our clients are looking for an extra pair of hands to help them find the talent they need at scale, and future proof their hiring strategies.

Every company’s story is different, but an organisation might need support if they don’t have the in-house talent to support their demands, or perhaps they are starting from scratch, recruiting for a new team, for example.

We’re not there to take over recruitment for our clients permanently, rather help them build a sustainable long-term recruitment pipeline of their own. Effectively, we’re there to do ourselves out of a job!

What have we done so far?

We’ll be creating more case studies of our work if you’re interested, but here are a few examples of projects we’ve worked on so far.

  • We’ve worked with a fintech to build out a cohesive interview and onboarding process, helping them to create a PSL for future requirements who can deliver when required.
  •  We’ve supported a large consultancy through a relocation, helping them to make several key hires in their design and user experience teams, and build out a pipeline of future talent.
  • We’re working with a digital agency who are on a high growth trajectory to help them to expand their design function to enable their strategic growth plans.
  • We partnered with a music business who needed to make some key technical hires. We worked with them to build out a PSL function to ensure they have the technical talent they needed, both immediately and longer term.

What have we learned?

Every business is unique.

Every organisation is struggling with different issues. While you can sometimes draw on learnings from other businesses, it’s vital that you take the time to really understand what’s under the hood.

Give your internal recruitment team a hug!

There’s a bizarre snobbery from some agency recruiters about their internal counterparts – but it’s a really challenging job, especially in a high growth organisation hiring for niche skills, and a great recruitment team can make or break growth plans.

Process process process.

We’ve been working with organisations to implement a cohesive process from resourcing through to onboarding. There are a lot of moving parts to balance here, but investing some thinking into your approach early in your growth plans will save you a lot of headaches later on – trust me.

What’s next for us?

So far, our onsite offering has been an organic response to our client’s requirements. Having had a lot of success with our approach, we are creating a new product to deliver this exclusively as an add on to our existing offering. So, you can expect to see more of our learnings as we roll out this product. Just watch this space.

And if you’re interested in finding out more about how we could support your growth plans, get in touch with me at andrew@wearefutureheads.co.uk.

Andrew Rogers

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