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As 2015 is drawing to a close and the festivities are about to begin I thought that I would take a look back and reflect on some of the great events that the UX team at Futureheads attended this year.


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UCD 2015:

This year’s UCD hosted an array of talks centred around Humanity in Digital landscapes: Mind, cognitive and psychology. The conference was spread across two full days and had a mixture of keynote presentations, workshops and lessons.

Here are my Top five top talks:

Brainstruments – Adventures in Design, Cognition and Musical Creativity by Lee Sankey

Brainstruments offered a colourful and multi-faceted take on how music is perceived by different individuals.

Brainstruments offered a colourful and multi-faceted take on how music is perceived by different individuals. The musicians that Lee had spoken to on his travels had visualised music in different ways, one in particular had visualised music as colourful shapes.

Empathy: Science of feeling by Emma Chittenden and Bern Irizarry

This talk highlighted the science behind empathy and the argument concerning whether or not it can be measured. Emma and Bernadette discussed in depth the relationship between UX and empathy and how this could be integrated into design solutions.

If you would like to know more you can check out the slides for the talk here

Sketching to support free and open exchange of complex thoughts, content and user experiences by Dr. Makayla Lewis

This session was an interactive workshop involving sketching and ideation. As well as showcasing her own sketchbook of amazing detailed sketches (something that an artist never does and so was a great privilege) Makalya showed how brilliant sketches can be made from a series of simple lines.

To take a look at some of Makayla’s amazing sketches here

“You May Also Like…” How digital has changed the way we develop our interests by Vaughan Evans

Lee’s talk outlined how we interact online and how the digital landscape has altered and influenced the way we make decisions. Using music as a case study, Vaughan spoke about how the way we interact with music has changed through digital and what this means for the future.

You can read more about my take on this talk, through my blog which you can find here

Our Eternal Digital Afterlife by Alberta Soranzo

Alberta’s talk gave an interesting insight into our digital afterlife outlining the good, the bad and the ugly (but more of the ugly). The majority of social media platforms have no ‘undo’ buttons. Once you have submitted that photo of last night’s dinner and that video of your best friend’s hen night, the content will stay floating in the internet well after your profile has been deleted…

If you would like to know more you can check out the slides for the talk here

IxDA (Interaction Designers Association):

IxDA is a meet-up aimed at giving the digital and creatively-minded a chance to explore different topics through presentations and discussions. Usually taking place every last Wednesday or Thursday evening of the month, IxDA offers friendly conversations and networking over drinks and snacks provided by Futureheads.

Top Talks:

IxDA London Movie Night 2015 

This was my first IxDA event and I was welcomed by a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We were in a cool attic space of a central London building with big glass windows and slanted ceilings. We watched selected videos on different views of what the future digital utopia will look like including self-driving cars and digital wardrobes.

If you missed out, you can find a few of the clips that we watched on the night here.

Debate The Don and Tog’s latest apple tear down 

This IxDA event was hosted in the form of a debate where we were put into groups to discuss a given topic. The topic was whether we agree or disagree with the controversial article written about Apple’s product design by Don Norman and Bruce Tognazzini. The evening was an insightful and entertaining look into a range of different opinions about Apple. Even though there were both positive and negative views alike, I couldn’t help but notice that everyone in the room had an iPhone…

If you haven’t yet had a chance to read ‘How Apple is giving design a bad name’ then go ahead and read it here


UXPA (User Experience Professionals Association)

UXPA is a meet-up created to explore the field of UX and the varying elements within it. Usually in the form of conferences and presentations, UXPA takes place on every 3rd Wednesday of the month.


Top Talk:

UX Strategy

This UXPA meet-up was held at the Telegraph’s beautiful offices in Victoria. The evening was made up of a range of keynote presentations with each speaker giving their take on what UX strategy is and whether or not ‘UX strategy’ exists at all. There were some comedic moments with one speaker beginning his presentation with a line that was in obvious opposition to the one before and the floor was open to the room at the end giving the audience a chance to ask questions.

If you missed out you can find a list of the speakers and their presentations here

I hope that you found this blog useful! If you know of any good UX events then please do get in contact at or follow me on twitter @DemiUXLondon.

Also If you would like to attend any of the up and coming IXDA, UXPA and UCD 2016* then follow the links for more information. *(You can track the UCD 2016 by following the link but full details are yet to be released)


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