My job never has me far away from our numbers and being our 10th Birthday I thought I’d share some of my favourite stats from the last ten years.

  • 4 offices called home
  • 10 company trips abroad
  • 6 babies born, with another on the way
  • 4 Great Place to Work Awards
  • 6 marriage proposals – and 2 stag dos
  • 500km walked for Macmillan
  • 8 billion pints of milk consumed.*

*Bit of a guess but we do love a milky cuppa here.

Oh, we’ve also worked with over 25,000 candidates and placed with 785 clients.   Not too shabby at all.

But numbers aren’t everything. We’re a people business, and it’s our people that have made us such a success so far. So I thought I’d ask some of our longest serving folks to tell us about their time here.

Jon Wall, Futureheads ON

Jon joined our UX team, progressing to Associate Director, before moving to focus on spearheading our new offering, Futureheads ON.

“Over the years, we’ve sharpened up. As we’ve grown, we’ve got more processes in place to ensure everyone is getting a more consistent experience. Our competition is much broader now, which drives a need to continuously improve what we do. Digital now has a much broader remit. When we started, our clients were often agencies and consultancies, but now our client base is quite equally balanced with a sharp increase in client-side digital product teams over the last 10 years.

One thing that hasn’t changed is our values as a business. We have always put culture and quality of service above short term commercial wins. Ensuring new hires share these values is key. As is seeing our team progress – this has definitely been a highlight for me.

I’m also proud to be a part of Futureheads ON. I love getting under the hood and being able to support businesses with their longer term plans, as well as their hiring needs.”

Emily Massey, Digital Change & Transformation

Emily has been with us for five and a half years. In that time, she’s grown from a fresh-faced graduate to a (still fresh-faced) Lead Consultant.

“I joined Futureheads’ Technical team, where I cut my teeth working a broad range of technical roles. As our team grew, I came to focus increasingly on technical delivery roles, before moving to focus specifically on Digital change and transformation.

Over my time here, there’s been lots of new faces, but the camaraderie of being a Futurehead certainly hasn’t changed, with legendary Good News Friday antics, regular socials and celebrations aplenty.”

Chris Chapman, Associate Director, UX

Chris joined us as a consultant in our UX team. Now he leads that team and is focused on expanding our offering in Europe and growing our Service Design specialism.

“When I joined, the office was 17 people strong with no air con and few processes. Fast forward to today, and we’re more than 40 people, with swanky new offices and a lot more structure. As I’ve progressed, I’ve been given much more responsibility, but I’ve always felt supported by the rest of the team.

What hasn’t changed is the people-first mentality of the business and their commitment to high-quality service. And it’s not just something we say we care about, it is genuinely what underpins the business. As a result, we’ve worked with many of the same clients for many years, and forging these lasting relationships really creates a sense of long-term value in the work that we do.”

Toby Thwaites, Team Manager, Design and Creative

Toby was one of our first recruits in 2011, and now leads our successful Design and Creative team.

“I’ve seen Futureheads grow from 11 people to over 40 people. Along the way, we’ve outgrown 2 offices and built new teams to serve our changing markets, in the shape of Engineering, Product and Service Design.

There has been A LOT of change, but through it all, the core values as a business – the things that were most important to us back then are still front and centre now. 

There are so many highlights from my time here, but honestly, the best bit has been finding hundreds of people jobs personally, and thousands as a business.”

From all of us at Futureheads, whether we’ve known you for 10 days or 10 years – we want to say a big thank you for being a part of our journey. Here’s to the next 10!


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