How we pay contractors

We work hard to make sure our contractors are paid weekly. To do this, we’ll ask you to provide an authorised timesheet along with a matching invoice by Tuesday 3pm following the week you’ve worked.


We use an electronic timesheet system called InTime. When we have all of your paperwork and company docs we’ll set you up on InTime and you’ll be sent log-ins. You’ll then be able to enter your timesheets (to the nearest quarter day) and submit them for electronic signature by your client - nice and easy. 


We operate self-billing. In its simplest terms, this means you will not have to send us an invoice to be paid. We will generate an invoice for you using your approved timesheet. Provided that your timesheet is approved by Tuesday each week, you will be paid by close of business Friday. If you do not wish to go ahead with self-billing but prefer to issue your own invoices, please remember to send your weekly invoice to payroll@wearefutureheads.co.uk by Tuesday 3pm each week. So that we don’t have any hiccups we’ve listed below the info that should be on your invoice each week:

  • Invoices should be addressed to Futureheads Recruitment Ltd, 4th floor, 20-23 Greville Street, London EC1N 8SS.
  • They should detail the client you are working for, the week commencing date, number of days worked, day rate and total amount due.
  • Please also include your limited company details (name, registered address and company number) and bank information for your company account.
  • If you are VAT registered please break down the VAT and include your VAT reg number for reference.


If your client has agreed that you can claim business expenses on your assignment, those expenses can also be entered and approved via InTime. Don’t forget to send us an invoice for the expenses too (if you have not agreed to self billing).

Company documentation

If you’re working with Futureheads for the first time we'll need to collect some info from you too.

If you’re a limited company contractor, we’ll need copies of:

  • Your company’s certificate of incorporation
  • If applicable, your VAT registration certificate
  • Details of your company’s bank account
  • Proof of your professional indemnity, public/products liability and employers liability insurance

(If you’re working through an umbrella company you’ll need to put us in touch with your representative there so we can get all of this info from them.)

If you are a temporary worker (PAYE) we’ll need:

  • An original P45 for the current tax year or a completed P46 which can be downloaded on this page
  • Your bank account details
  • Your date of birth and National Insurance number.