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Futureheads Five Stories – Christina Buch-Petersen

Christina is a product and technology leader with 15 years’ experience from pre-launch ventures to large scale business transformations in well-established businesses. Her expertise lies in product and technology strategy design and implementation, team building and service design.   1. In what shape has your business emerged from Covid-19? I work as an independent consultant, … Continue reading “Futureheads Five Stories – Christina Buch-Petersen”

Stories of Positive Disruption: Technology making our world better

I’ve always been really interested in exploring the positive impact of technology, so was excited to hear from a panel of women who are truly making a measurable impact on the world, to understand what drives them on their mission, and how they’ve overcome hurdles along the way. Charlene from our Data, Insight and Data Science … Continue reading “Stories of Positive Disruption: Technology making our world better”

#UCD16: Machine Learning and us

Having joined the product management team at Futureheads back in August with an appreciation for emerging technologies, I quickly became interested in the field of machine learning and its practical applications.  I thought I’d write my first post on machine learning as well as UCD 2016 (the two very much overlapped this year). Machine learning … Continue reading “#UCD16: Machine Learning and us”