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Futureheads Five Stories – Adam Alton

Adam Alton is a software developer with over a decade of experience building web applications for Google, The BBC, governments and more. His specialisms include online privacy, digital security and high-traffic web platforms. An experienced mentor and leader of digital teams, he is now CTO of FidlLeaf, an online wellbeing and personal development platform. What’s … Continue reading “Futureheads Five Stories – Adam Alton”

Waterfall vs Agile: Which Methodology Should You Follow?

Staying competitive in today’s digitally disrupted marketplace means that organisations now have to speed up their innovation in every part of their business. This has been a big reason for the increased adoption of agile development which delivers customer value faster. But is agile always a better methodology? Project managers generally choose between agile or … Continue reading “Waterfall vs Agile: Which Methodology Should You Follow?”