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Five Traits of a Great Designer

Is an amazing portfolio always reflective of a good designer? We at Futureheads enjoy meeting the people we work with to get a feel for their personalities. As recruiters, we meet many talented designers with a range of skills, as seen in their portfolio work, however it isn’t until we speak with them do we … Continue reading “Five Traits of a Great Designer”

Do User Researchers need a portfolio?

In the past 18 months, we have seen the demand for user researchers explode and it is great to see businesses finally take this part of the design life cycle seriously. The contract market has become a very lucrative place for researchers. This is partly down to the government sector paying attractive day rates but … Continue reading “Do User Researchers need a portfolio?”

Top tips for your design portfolio

Working on a portfolio is often one of the most challenging tasks for a Designer, and there are numerous ways to tackle it. Here at Futureheads, it’s something we frequently advise candidates on – graduates who are looking to make a start in the industry or experienced Designers looking to make a change. Firstly, it … Continue reading “Top tips for your design portfolio”

Top questions at UXPA career event 2016

On Thursday, I attended the UXPA Careers event 2016 along with three other members of the Futureheads UX team, making up 35 years of recruitment experience. The attendees varied from juniors looking for advice, to designers looking for their next role. The companies attending ranged from recruitment agencies to technology businesses. Futureheads hosted a ‘CV … Continue reading “Top questions at UXPA career event 2016”

Do Head of / Director level UX practitioners need a portfolio? If so, what should it communicate?

At Futureheads, we’re frequently asked the question by Head of, and Director of UX level candidates: ‘Given that I’m not really hands-on anymore, would I benefit from a portfolio to show my work?’ In short, the answer is yes. Below I explain why and give tips on what you can include in your portfolio to … Continue reading “Do Head of / Director level UX practitioners need a portfolio? If so, what should it communicate?”

6 Tips On How To Up Your UX Game

Hi there! My name is Demi and I am a UX Resourcer within the UX team at Futureheads. In this blog I will outline a few ways in which you can refresh your UX skills and help yourself to stand out in the recruitment market. 1. Polish up your portfolio Ensure that your portfolio is … Continue reading “6 Tips On How To Up Your UX Game”