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Futureheads Five Stories – Rajeeb Dey

Rajeeb Dey MBE is the founder and CEO of Learnerbly, a professional development platform supporting employees to achieve their goals by connecting them to the best development experiences and enabling businesses to engage, develop and retain talent. Rajeeb is a graduate of the University of Oxford and was appointed as the world’s youngest Young Global … Continue reading “Futureheads Five Stories – Rajeeb Dey”

Futureheads Five Stories: Robert Hicks

Robert is the Group Human Resources Director at Reward Gateway, an employee engagement platform. The business has over 1,800 clients using products to attract, engage and retain the best employees. He is the lucky custodian of the People & Experience teams at Reward Gateway. He is responsible for all of their people worldwide across these … Continue reading “Futureheads Five Stories: Robert Hicks”

Onboarding from Home: Tips and Tricks for Remote Onboarding

As virtual working has become the new normal, the need for effective onboarding could not be greater. Where office camaraderie and impromptu one-to-ones may have been the extent of your process before, the current climate calls for a new and improved plan for remote onboarding. Fortunately, while the circumstances are unprecedented, the key themes have … Continue reading “Onboarding from Home: Tips and Tricks for Remote Onboarding”

How we’re supporting our staff’s emotional health at Futureheads

We recently introduced Reset days as a new policy here at Futureheads. These are two, ‘no-questions-asked’ days people can use to take extra time out when they need it. The idea was inspired by an article I read called ‘I’m not throwing a sickie, I’m saving my sanity’*. It’s about a chap who is professional, … Continue reading “How we’re supporting our staff’s emotional health at Futureheads”

The Importance of Physical & Mental Wellbeing at Futureheads

When we founded Futureheads, creating a great, supportive work culture was as important to us as growing a successful recruitment company. We’re a people business, reliant on staff who are fit, healthy and happy enough both physically and mentally, to do their jobs well, and to in turn deliver a great service to our clients … Continue reading “The Importance of Physical & Mental Wellbeing at Futureheads”