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Futureheads Five Stories – John Clarke

John Clarke is a self-taught software developer with nearly 20 years’ experience writing code and building things. After running a successful e-commerce business for a decade, he now finds himself working as Commercial Tech Lead for NewsNow.co.uk, one of the UK’s top ten media websites, where he’s responsible for everything ad-tech. John’s main job is … Continue reading “Futureheads Five Stories – John Clarke”

Futureheads Five Stories – Adam Alton

Adam Alton is a software developer with over a decade of experience building web applications for Google, The BBC, governments and more. His specialisms include online privacy, digital security and high-traffic web platforms. An experienced mentor and leader of digital teams, he is now CTO of FidlLeaf, an online wellbeing and personal development platform. What’s … Continue reading “Futureheads Five Stories – Adam Alton”

Futureheads Five Stories – Michaela Winterbottom

Michaela has been working as a UI Developer for 3 and a half years. She’s passionate about animation and interactions in web design & development. What’s the story of your career so far? It’s been a small mix and a progression. I started out in retail then wanted to move into an office environment so … Continue reading “Futureheads Five Stories – Michaela Winterbottom”