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Is your CV AI friendly? If not – it should be!

Is your CV AI friendly? If not – it should be! The world of work has seen change after change in recent years, spurred on by both the pandemic, and the global digital transformation that it has catalysed. With the effects of the new digital age spreading rapidly across the wider tech sector and recruitment … Continue reading “Is your CV AI friendly? If not – it should be!”

Futureheads Five Stories – Terry Brown

Terry Brown is an engineer and leader with a passion for people, working across many industries in his 25 year career.  He’s delivered digital products for the NHS, for academia, and has led engineering at one of the biggest online bingo companies. He has now joined GSK as a Director of Software Engineering where he … Continue reading “Futureheads Five Stories – Terry Brown”

Futureheads Five Stories – John Clarke

John Clarke is a self-taught software developer with nearly 20 years’ experience writing code and building things. After running a successful e-commerce business for a decade, he now finds himself working as Commercial Tech Lead for NewsNow.co.uk, one of the UK’s top ten media websites, where he’s responsible for everything ad-tech. John’s main job is … Continue reading “Futureheads Five Stories – John Clarke”

Carlos Esteves – Futureheads Five Stories

Carlos is a Global Director of IT at Springer Nature, a leading academic publisher. He is passionate about leveraging technology as a core driver of business and customer value, and how to lead individuals through an increasingly complex and fast-changing environment. What’s the story of your career so far? I finished my Masters in Computer … Continue reading “Carlos Esteves – Futureheads Five Stories”

Experiment your way to a better career – Jeff Gothelf

Jeff Gothelf is a coach, speaker, author and consultant who helps organisations build better products, and professionals build the cultures that build better products. In this guest blog he shares his thoughts on how you can experiment your way to a better career by seeing what you do as your product and how you can … Continue reading “Experiment your way to a better career – Jeff Gothelf”

Futureheads Five Stories – Michaela Winterbottom

Michaela has been working as a UI Developer for 3 and a half years. She’s passionate about animation and interactions in web design & development. What’s the story of your career so far? It’s been a small mix and a progression. I started out in retail then wanted to move into an office environment so … Continue reading “Futureheads Five Stories – Michaela Winterbottom”

Futureheads Five Stories – Monica Millares

Monica is a dynamic Fintech entrepreneur passionate about delivering solutions that create change in people’s financial lives. Her expertise is product development, customer experience and bringing the best out of teams. Monica joined BigPay with the vision to build the first South East Asian challenger bank. Prior to BigPay, she started her Fintech journey in … Continue reading “Futureheads Five Stories – Monica Millares”

Futureheads Top Tips series: Considering a career change

Authors: Jon Wall – Client Director, Rohan Maheswaran – Team Manager, Engineering There are a huge number of reasons anyone could consider a career change at any given time, but particularly in a downturn this idea could prove more tempting. Here are the things to consider: Get prepared – many jobs sound interesting in theory, … Continue reading “Futureheads Top Tips series: Considering a career change”

Futureheads Five Stories – Christina Buch-Petersen

Christina is a product and technology leader with 15 years’ experience from pre-launch ventures to large scale business transformations in well-established businesses. Her expertise lies in product and technology strategy design and implementation, team building and service design.   1. In what shape has your business emerged from Covid-19? I work as an independent consultant, … Continue reading “Futureheads Five Stories – Christina Buch-Petersen”

Futureheads Top Tips series: Safeguarding your mental wellbeing while looking for a job

Author: Melissa Curran – Mindset Coach, Counsellor and Director @ The Modern Mind Group When it comes to looking for work in the current climate, it certainly has affected the mental health of many. You do not have to look far to hear stories of others going through the same thing following redundancy or restructuring. … Continue reading “Futureheads Top Tips series: Safeguarding your mental wellbeing while looking for a job”

Futureheads Five Stories – Kristen Carter

Throughout her career, Kristen Carter has navigated research, design and development at all stages of the product lifecycle—tackling complex and challenging projects with curiosity, an open mind, and desire for discovering meaningful insights that drive innovative solutions. For our latest instalment of Futureheads Five Stories series, we spoke to the Content Editor turned UX specialist … Continue reading “Futureheads Five Stories – Kristen Carter”

Forever employable: Becoming invincible in a continuously changing workforce

On 24th June, Futureheads’ founder Be Kaler Pilgrim will be hosting a talk from Jeff Gothelf – author, executive coach and workshop facilitator working with big companies on agility, transformation and innovation. After spending the first 10 years of his career climbing the corporate ladder, Jeff Gothelf decided to change his approach to staying employed. … Continue reading “Forever employable: Becoming invincible in a continuously changing workforce”

Futureheads Five Stories: Matt Pilgrim

Matt Pilgrim is an experienced channel and alliances director and is Partner Development Director for the UK business of global digital experience platform provider Episerver. Matt took five minutes to share his thoughts about the impact of Covid-19 to Episerver and the changes they are making as a result. Matt has perviously held leadership positions … Continue reading “Futureheads Five Stories: Matt Pilgrim”

Onboarding from Home: Tips and Tricks for Remote Onboarding

As virtual working has become the new normal, the need for effective onboarding could not be greater. Where office camaraderie and impromptu one-to-ones may have been the extent of your process before, the current climate calls for a new and improved plan for remote onboarding. Fortunately, while the circumstances are unprecedented, the key themes have … Continue reading “Onboarding from Home: Tips and Tricks for Remote Onboarding”

Futureheads Five Stories: Ben Gilmore

Ben Gilmore is a lead UX Designer, teacher and mentor based in Melbourne, Australia. Ben has accumulated 18 years of UX design experience and managing design teams. Specialising in usability, web applications, design patterns, Search interfaces, accessibility & inclusive design, Ben focuses on building strong collaboration design processes between disciplines and achieving creative solutions based … Continue reading “Futureheads Five Stories: Ben Gilmore”

Futureheads x Ogunte: Hiring & Retaining Talent in a Social Enterprise

Hire and retain – sounds straightforward enough; however, in a limited pool of talent, hiring and retaining can be a challenge for many social enterprises. To achieve desired growth, social enterprises, also known as socents, often compete directly with the private sector for top talent – a hurdle that has proven difficult for many. So, … Continue reading “Futureheads x Ogunte: Hiring & Retaining Talent in a Social Enterprise”

Our Top 10 Career Development Blogs from 2015

We wrote a lot of great blogs on career development, interviewing better and sprucing up your CVs in 2015. Now that we have stepped into 2016, I’d like to share some of our best blogs from last year to help you get the career you want: 1. Top tips on becoming a successful digital freelancer: … Continue reading “Our Top 10 Career Development Blogs from 2015”

How to Land That First Digital Design Job as a Graphic Design Graduate

As part of the Creative team at Futureheads, we see a lot of graphic design graduates looking for their first job in digital design. I studied design myself, so have seen my fellow students trying to juggle their final major project, writing a dissertation as well as putting together a CV and portfolio for job … Continue reading “How to Land That First Digital Design Job as a Graphic Design Graduate”

Climbing the Career Ladder: How to Stay Relevant and Valuable in 2016

Photo: Viktor Hanacek Many of us are constantly thinking about how to climb the career ladder and achieve that next career goal. Whether your career is not going quite how you expected, or you’re successful and looking to aim higher, it’s important to take action now to stay on top of your game. Here’s a … Continue reading “Climbing the Career Ladder: How to Stay Relevant and Valuable in 2016”

How to Nail that Freelance Digital Project Manager/Producer Interview

Hiring a freelance Digital Project Manager/Producer is a very speedy process. It is normally just a one stage interview which means that it is even more important that you are able to demonstrate yourself and your skills clearly and confidently. So how do you portray your best self in just one hour or less? Preparation … Continue reading “How to Nail that Freelance Digital Project Manager/Producer Interview”

UCD 2015: Digital Teams Need To Hire More UX & Design Graduates

At the recent UCD conference, I spoke with Lee Sankey @leesankey and Kirsten Lawton regarding the challenges and opportunities for hiring graduate UX and design talent in London. Experience shows that not enough graduates are being hired. Futureheads have met with over 230 clients in the last 2 years and less than 4% of resulting … Continue reading “UCD 2015: Digital Teams Need To Hire More UX & Design Graduates”

Are You a Developer or an Engineer?

Here at Futureheads, we pride ourselves on market and subject knowledge. This helps us understand our clients and candidates better, and keep ahead of the ever-changing tech market. Last week, we invited a long-term contact of ours in for a Q&A session, so we could deepen our understanding of architecture. Ian Brayshaw @denormal an open … Continue reading “Are You a Developer or an Engineer?”

Writing A Winning Project Management CV

Photo: Startup Stock Photos If you’re currently part of the job search market and are on the lookout for your next Project Management role, the first place to start is by working on writing a winning CV. A well written CV helps paint a picture of who you are, what you’ve achieved and what you … Continue reading “Writing A Winning Project Management CV”