As a headhunter in the US, I get to spend my days talking to interesting people across digital, from CTOs and global marketing directors through to heads of studios and creative directors.

These people always have interesting stories to tell about their careers, the lessons they've learned, and their thoughts on the future. We wanted to capture some of these thoughts – and so Stateside Stories was born.

For our latest edition of Stateside Stories, we're delighted to be joined by marketing leader Catherine Seligman.

What’s your elevator pitch?
I'm a creative, customer-first, cross-functional marketer with expertise in leading integrated strategy to build brand, drive engagement and grow market share for established global brands, major media companies and startups. I'm looking for my next opportunity to help a contemporary, future-facing company leverage the innovation space to increase efficiencies, sustain competitive advantage and achieve business goals in 2019.

What are your top three career highlights?

  • Being on the front lines of the transition to digital marketing, and role mobile, social and content play in a winning strategy.
  • Driving Sony Music's mobile-first strategy in support of marketing and sales goals. 
  • First US Marketing hire at UNiDAYS, led end to end management to build brand, engagement and acquisition.

What are your three biggest lessons from the course of your career?

  • Failure is a conduit to success: Experiencing weak results, and facing roadblocks have a way of eventually metamorphosing into a professional advantage in giving you value in leveraging lessons learned to pro-actively anticipate challenges and problem solve for future success.
  • Managing emotions: Even in the most extreme of circumstances maintaining composure is always best practice, and an empowering, professional approach to business.  
  • Mentor: Although I didn't have the benefit of having a mentor early in my career, I've seen the positive impact that a senior level champion and knowledge-sharer has had on peers and coworkers starting out in their careers. 

What do you love most about your work?

Uncovering new opportunities to formulate to fast track growth, and challenge status quo.

What’s your advice for anyone starting their career in digital?

  • Take advantage of the early stages of your career by asking questions and acquiring knowledge in all areas of business.
  • Don't be afraid to take risks and share your POV. 
  • Find a mentor.

What do you think is going to be the biggest disruptor to your industry over the next 12 months?


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