John Hipkiss is a trained Laughter Therapist, with a background in music, consultancy, clowning and laughing! Known as ‘Laughing John’, he set up Laughter Therapy in 2009 with the aim of promoting Laughter Yoga, health and team building Laughter Therapy.

He kindly took five minutes to share with us his expert insight as well as his proven methods to maintain good mental health.

What trends have you seen in people’s mental health over 2020?

Obviously this year has been difficult for all. Everyone seems anxious and more stressed than normal. A lot of workplaces face redundancies, or at least the threat of it, so I’ve seen morale lowered. However, there has been some people helping lift each other and support each other through ringing each other more/video calls etc

What are the most important and emerging skills to work in the new normal?

Lots of video meetings! Most companies have had no choice! On the positive side some new creative ways of working have happened.

If you could change one thing in people’s behaviour, in the new normal, to benefit their health and keep them on track professionally – what would it be?

To be less serious and more friendly! Laughter Yoga Zooms helps this!

What has been your biggest key learning and how will this prepare you for the future?

That life is all about how well you adapt to the unknown!

What has been the biggest surprise to you?

That mostly people have adapted and conformed without rebelling. This is a very tough time for a young working family. Also, that a lot of jobs seem ok for now………


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