Why use freelancers? Well, usually there is a time pressure or a resource pressure. An agency has won a new piece of business and the income allows them to plan for the future. But they don’t want the headache of managing the extra headcount, especially when delivering a short-term project. Hiring contractors will help ease the pressure and enable them to deliver.

Here are five ways that freelancers can add value to a digital team:

You need specialists or strategic advice

How can we use AI and chatbots to make our business more efficient? How do we improve customer service in our app?

The pace of change in the digital industry means that companies always want to understand how to use the latest technology. But there’s not always a very deep talent pool for those kinds of specialist skills. This is where Futureheads comes in.

Freelance work isn’t always about delivery. Often it’s strategic and consultative knowledge that’s needed. Your client decides they want to develop an app. A freelance consultant can help you to deliver a strategy, or create the business case for delivering it.

Perhaps your client is targeting a new sector and needs someone to come into the business to help it better understand that space. They don’t want a full-time hire, as the business hasn’t generated any revenue from the sector yet. This is where a freelancer can add real value, helping your client navigate the market, identify the trends and even help with shaping and building out the team to support the project as it picks up speed.

Freelancers can help your permanent recruitment strategy

We know there’s a skills shortage, and that recruiting digital industry specialists can take time. But we also know that no one leading a busy team has time for their preferred candidate to work a three-month notice period when a client wants a project to kick off next week.

Using freelance contractors buys you time and helps you bridges the skills gap to help you keep things moving, the work delivered, and your clients happy.

It’s also worth remembering that developers, designers, project managers and UX specialists don’t always want to work for one business. Our candidates often favour the flexibility of contract roles – they enjoy the challenge of working in different sectors, using the latest technology and want to build a broad portfolio.

You need an immediate start

We’ve won a client but we need someone to start on Monday with really good consultative skills. It’s healthcare and we haven’t got anyone in that sector, and it will focus on mobile. Oh, and it’s based in Edinburgh for six weeks.

Often one of the businesses we work with will come to us with a very specific brief along these lines. They are searching for someone with a clearly defined set of skills and flexibility at short notice. We spend a lot of time building relationships with great freelancers across the UK so that we can find you the right person at the right time.

Freelancers help you hit deadlines

It’s not always about the tech. Sometimes, what you really need to get work delivered is a project manager who can communicate with the client and the studio. They check the spreadsheets and keep everything on track so that things are delivered on time and on budget.

Lower long-term costs

Lots of digital teams use contractors and value the expertise and flexibility that freelance candidates bring. Freelancers also solve the headache of managing extra headcount, especially when delivering a short-term project.

Whatever your needs as a team, the secret to working with freelancers is preparation. Build relationships with agencies that can support you – the more we know about your needs, the better we can help you.

Talk to us if you’re looking for a freelancer, or you’re curious about the freelance market for your sector.

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