As a social media marketer, I’m always on the lookout for successful ways to build and share the Futureheads brand across our various social platforms. Whether it’s content or design work, I’ve learnt that it must always be on brand.

When I first started, I quickly understood that our written content needs to be in keeping with the FH ‘voice’. It took me longer to get my head round the fact that our communication design also needs to be consistent with company branding. This is true for all businesses, whatever shape or size. Consistency and clarity across messaging and visual content are key for a winning brand.

Good Design = Good Branding

Good Design = Good Branding

According to Surefire Media, “A successful brand helps to communicate what your core product is, what sets you aside from your competition and should be applied consistently across everything you do.”

So for any successful business, good design needs to be a big part of their brand. Here are my top 5 reasons why:

1. Design and branding should be the same: Stop thinking of design and branding as two distinct disciplines. You should integrate the two to create a strong identity which is instantly recognisable. The Apple brand is recognised world over as a successful brand with great design at its heart.

2. Emotional design: Designers can create an emotional relationship between a brand and its customers by transforming the values and assets of a company in a special way. This helps develop trust between a company and its customers and harvests long lasting relationships.

3. Design needs to be strategic: Design should not be an afterthought. You need to involve your design team at the strategic level. This is why Samsung’s brand has become powerful over the last few years as design has been made a top priority for the company.

4. Integrate design early: According to, businesses should integrate design early in the process to drive innovation and create solutions. So it’s important to get it right the first time.

You can continually reinvent your company’s brand through design

5. Design can reinvent your company: You can continually reinvent your company’s brand through design. In fact now it’s more important than ever to constantly update your brand and be more fluid. This is the reason behind Google’s constant logo changes to celebrate special events which helps the company stay at the forefront of users’ minds.

So, no matter what size your business is, good design goes a long way for your company’s branding.

Interested in knowing more about design? Drop me a line at We also have some great opportunities in design so be sure to check out our latest vacancies on our website and follow us on Twitter at @FH_Creative.


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