Lead Service Designer
Healthcare IoT space/Innovation Lab

Posted   User experience,Service design

Contract type
2 year FTC with view to going perm

I am working with an innovation lab who are about to embark on a revolutionary 10 year engagement in which they will be working closely with an existing healthcare organisation to co-create the hospital of the future. This is not a concept piece – it’s a ‘we’re designing and implementing this piece’. To make this happen, they need a fantastic Lead Service Designer at the helm to bring together the digital products, organisational processes and physical infrastructure needed to create the hospital of the future.

Through utilising data, digital products, IoT and organisational service design, the healthcare organisation will enable and empower healthcare professionals to make quicker, more informed and impactful decisions that will save time, resource and ultimately lives. As well creating the physical and digital products and tools, they will also completely transform the working processes of healthcare professionals and leave behind a legacy of design thinking at an individual, team and organisational level.

Over the course of two years, this Lead Service Designer will lead an initial discovery phase, map out existing capabilities and design ambitious yet grounded in reality services, alongside actionable strategy that will then be implemented across the organisation.

You’ll work closely with a fantastic Design Director and be directly supported by a Lead UX Designer as well as a wider multi-disciplinary Agile team.

This is genuinely the most interesting project I’ve come across and if this is of interest to you – I’d love to tell you more! So too, if you know of anyone who might be interested in this, please do let me know and advise them to get in touch at ciaran@wearefutureheads.co.uk �� !