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If you’re a Lead (a proper lead) UX designer – whether you’re contract or perm right now – you should read on! This is what the perfect, pinnacle of your career UX perm job looks like… Read to the end and let me know if I’m exaggerating ��


Towards the end of last year, I worked with an awesome experience design with an amazing track record and reputation for UX. Everyone who interviewed with them loved them and wanted to work there. Over the years, they’ve established a UX process that their clients are fully brought into. Rather than end-to-end design and development, these guys focus exclusively on UX design – so you can be assured that their clients GET IT!


They are now looking for an experienced Principal Experience Architect to join their growing team.


So what’s great about them? Well firstly, they don’t think of themselves as a consultancy, rather they’re a design solutions partner for clients. Naturally, they partner with businesses and place people onsite for long engagements within London. Ready to hear about their current projects? Okay…

  • Healthcare – they’ve partnered with a global healthcare company to build out a VOICE APP for respiratory health patients and their carer’s.
  • Video Games (sort of) – partnered with a billion-pound start up in the video games space, helping to define the strategy. Beyond the video games aspect, this business have also taken their games engine to the PUBLIC SECTOR as it can be used as a real-time 3d modelling tool. If this doesn’t intrigue you then I’m not sure what will…
  • Global Brand (just trust me, you’ve definitely heard of them!) – building out their organisational design and playbook for the UK HR team
  • Finance – a huge ongoing digital transformation scheme of work for an established investment management business


I think you’ll agree, this is an awesome portfolio of projects!

This is a Principal Experience Architect. What does that mean? Well…

You will need to be at the absolute top of your game! They’re looking for experts! They’re looking for proper UX people who can run a project end to end. Proper UX people who can consult with their clients to provide solutions which work. Proper UX people who can progress from a client consultation, leading a project team through to delivery. Proper UX people who can define exactly what that delivery will look like and how they will manage the process.

“Nathan, it’s important that your candidates recognise that this is not a stepping stone or a sensible career move. This is the frickin’ premier league!” and I see where they’re coming from!

There’s waaaaaay more I could tell you (seriously, call me), but I want to focus on one thing that is super important to them:

4-day weeks!

They operate a culture of PURPOSE and FOCUS. These two words kept coming up in our meeting. To inspire this, they’ve recently switched to a 9-to-10 working fortnight. That is, every other Friday you will simply have off. Do what you want - 3 day weekend! That other Friday? Learn a new relevant skill! Go off and learn anything relevant to your work. And yes, they’ll give you a budget for this.

Key requirements

  • As you can imagine, there is an incredibly high bar to entry. You need to have been a lead UX on multiple projects (not simply the only UXer and therefore a lead by default).
  • You need to be enthusiastic about coaching more junior UXers within projects and the business (but bear in mind this does not mean formal management)
  • A strong portfolio of work, including good evidence of the brief, research undertaken and design solutions provided and their effectiveness!
  • Excellent communications and stakeholder management – this should be clear during our conversation and your interview with them, but anecdotes of situations with challenging stakeholders will help!
  • Enthusiastic about representing a positive force within the business, contributing to the culture, representing them within the wider industry (which is another interesting aspect of the role which I can discuss on a call)

I can tell you loads more about these guys on a call. There is a lot to do here!

Please drop me a line at nathan.drew@wearefutureheads.co.uk and I’ll happily tell you more. Your CV and portfolio would be appreciated, but it’s fine to message in advance of having these completed also. Looking forward to speaking soon!