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Our product management network features a broad mix of specialists from innovative product leaders to delivery-focused product managers. We help clients to secure both teams and one-off hires including product directors, senior or lead product managers, product owners and product analysts. Covering the full product lifecycle through discovery, definition, design, and delivery, we match the best freelance and permanent product talent with clients in the retail, tech, software, ecommerce and start-up space. 

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It has been a pleasure working with Futureheads over the last few months. They have shown a truly professional approach throughout all recruitment searches. Our timelines have been tight, but the candidates delivered have always been within the brief and hired swiftly. I would highly recommend their services.

Roxy Thornton
Group Operations
Aser Media Group

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Frequently asked questions

What does a product manager do?

A product manager has overall responsibility for a digital product or products. They oversee the strategy and plan and spec for that product, working closely with technology, business stakeholders, marketing, design and UX to ensure the customer gets what they need.

A product manager must juggle business goals, customer happiness and technology feasibility. They are responsible for the overall profit and loss of a product.

Do I need a qualification to become a product manager?

You don't need a qualification, which means it can be difficult to identify a clear path into this area. A lot of product managers come from a computer science background, move into a technical role and then into product.

Others work their way up from junior roles as they understand the business, the customers and the technical capabilities of building products.

What are employers looking for on a product manager's CV?

The impact the product manager has had in a company. Highlight the products you delivered and specific impacts they had. Examples might be increasing users, great return on investment, or a shift in the way the business operates thanks to your digital products.

Building new features and products is a long process, so it is important to show you have been in previous roles for a decent amount of time.

What is the typical salary of a product manager?

Salaries range widely depending on level, the type of business and how many products they’ll manage at one time.

Junior/associate product manager / product executive  (up to 2 years’ experience) |  £35,000 - £45,000

Mid-weight product manager (2 - 4 years experience)  |   £45,000 - £60,000

Senior product manager  |   £65,000 - £80,000

Lead product manager  |  £75,000 - £90,000

Head of product  |  £90,000 - £110,000

Director of product  |   £110,000 +

Chief Product Officer  |   £130,000 - £140,000+