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With positions across a range of agencies, established brands, and start-ups, we work with digital designers and creatives who deliver experiences ranging from cross-platform campaigns to digital products and services. From UI and product designers to motion graphics, copywriters and creative teams – all from entry to director level. 

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Futureheads invest time to understand the needs of the candidate/client to ensure they make meaningful connections and don't just tick boxes. They stand out as true contributors and participators of the creative space, which demonstrates their passion and commitment to the future direction of this industry.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a digital product designer?

A digital product designer has the design skills to bring a digital product from creation to market. This could include:

  • Identifying an opportunity for a new product or feature
  • Experience design: user research, UX Flows, wireframes, lo-fi prototyping, testing, etc.
  • Visual interface design & hi-fi prototyping

What is the difference between a product designer and a UI/UX designer?

These two titles are often used interchangeably. Both refer to an individual who has a design skill-set encompassing UX and Visual/UI Design.

However, you could say that a product designer is always working on products, whereas a UI/UX Designer might work across broader projects – such as the UX and design of a simple brochureware site.

What are employers looking for in a digital product designer's CV?

They'll want to see examples of good work -  people who can design well will always be in demand.

Companies look for designers who can understand and communicate how design can solve a business problem. It’s no longer just about visuals - it’s part of a broader process that brings in UX, design, stakeholder management and commercial awareness.

Designers who understand how to communicate in this way will really stand out.

A typical product team is made up of researchers, product designers, product managers, and engineers – so product designers often won’t be expected to have formal research skills or experience.

How do I get started as a digital product designer?

The earlier you decide what kind of designer you want to be the better - so you can work out what kind of companies hire those people.

Product designers are most likely to be hired by tech companies, start-ups, or brands.

There are also a few agencies. Apply for internships and start learning and reading product design processes and blogs; most tech companies’ product design teams write their own blogs.

Start building a portfolio – if not from internships, then work on personal projects.