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A Londoner born and bred, Emily joined our Tech team after completing her Masters in English and Philosophy at Sussex Uni, and squeezing in some travels around Australia to boot. Emily is a book and poetry lover, and is always ready to discuss whatever she is reading - her favourite genres are dystopian and fantasy literature and she’s partial to anything with dark humour. When she’s not reading or learning about Tech, Emily enjoys listening to music and claims if she wasn’t a digital recruiter she would probably just be Stevie Nicks. I can feel a Fleetwood Mac tribute band forming….

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Emily's latest news and views

Deeds not words | How can we get more women involved in technology?

I kicked off this year's London Tech Week with a panel hosted by The Trainline on why there aren’t enough women in tech, and what we can do about it. I  am really interested in the complex discussions around diversity in tech, and I have been to a number of panels and events focused on the lack of women in tech. However, this one stood out because it had a clear call to action: what can we do about it?

Waterfall vs Agile vs Lean project management

There are multiple development methodologies you can use when managing a digital project - which might be creating a new piece of software, or making substantial changes to existing information systems. In layman's terms, a development methodology is a way of structuring, planning and controlling the process. For this reason, choosing the management framework that is appropriate for requirements is a key decision in any project