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Nathan Drew

A quick start guide for the UX Contractor

Nathan Drew

At Futureheads, every consultant operates a dual desk. This means that we cover both permanent and freelance vacancies and are therefore exposed to both sides of the market. Thus, we’re often there when practitioners are considering making the switch from one to the other. As I alluded to in an earlier article, we’re beginning to see a few people make the switch from contract to perm. These are in the minority though, as most are looking to switch from perm to freelancing.

#UCD16 - Being human in the tech world

Nathan Drew

As a relative newcomer to the Futureheads family, this was my first taste of the annual User Centred Design (UCD) conference. This was the fifth UCD and Futureheads has partnered with the event since its inception. The two-day event featured multiple streams, each with industry thought leaders covering a range of topics. I frequently found myself torn between multiple subjects, wishing I could somehow attend both – a feeling shared by others in attendance, and one that is a true testimonial to the overall quality of the event.