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With positions across a range of agencies, established brands, and start-ups, we work with digital designers and creatives who deliver experiences ranging from cross-platform campaigns to digital products and services. From UI and product designers to motion graphics, copywriters and creative teams – all from entry to director level. 

The team at Futureheads is made up of pro-active, personable and above all honest people. It’s their human-centred approach that's driven them to gain a deep understanding of us and the people they represent, allowing them to quickly and consistently connect us with the best designers.

Andy Bennett
Head of Design
Zone (formerly Head London)

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Futureheads invest time to understand the needs of the candidate/client to ensure they make meaningful connections and don't just tick boxes. They stand out as true contributors and participators of the creative space, which demonstrates their passion and commitment to the future direction of this industry.

James Reeve
Head of Creative

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Futureheads: Meeting of (Digital) Minds

Between the four founders – Be, Rachel, Charlie, and myself – we often get asked about the Futureheads’ story – who we are, what we do, and how we work. To put it simply, we’re all about matching great digital talent to great digital jobs, both in the UK and stateside. In celebration of our eighth (8!) birthday as of this month, we're sharing our story...and tooting our horn. 

From Seven Twitter Handles to Two

When Futureheads first launched in 2009, we had one Twitter account tweeting our news, views, and jobs. Fast forward four years to 2013 and we added @FutureheadsTech, @FutureheadsPM, @FutureheadsUX, and @FH_Creative to the Twittersphere, followed by @FutureheadsProd and @FutureheadsMktg in 2014. Since then, we’ve grown each of our niche disciplines into robust teams, hiring new consultants yearly to help manage our ever-growing business and active Twitter accounts. While we’ve been chugging along quite happily, we’ve also been looking toward our short and long-term goals – managing more than seven Twitter handles was not one of them. And so, began our Twitter migration from seven handles to two.