Katie Rice

Katie Rice

Product management

Hello to Katie, our new Product Management resourcer who transitions from a career in special educational needs (SEN) teaching to take on a new challenge at Futureheads. Katie’s a multi-talented girl – not only being proficient in sign language she’s also a Dance teacher, is training to be a Yoga teacher, has currently started aerial hoop and silks classes and packs in as many theatre and dance events as she can…phew! As you’ve probably guessed, she’s not one to sit still for long, so if she had to choose between a beach or ski holiday, she would take skiing any day of the week…preferably in France so she can reward herself with some lovely cheese…yum!

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How to Nail your First Product Manager Interview

Stepping into any interview room always brings up that rollercoaster lurch of nervous emotions. Even if you aren’t a jumpy person, you are likely to get butterflies at best. Which is a pretty way of describing a whole bunch of head-to-toe anxiety. Wondering whether you have prepped enough; incessantly trying to remember the names and decades of LinkedIn experience of the interviewers; attempting to hold down that Weetabix. It’s never a walk in the park, but hopefully this list can help ease you into showing yourself off at your best and secure that second face-to-face. Enjoy!