Toby Thwaites
Team Lead

Toby Thwaites

Creative and design

One of Futureheads’ original recruits when he was just a young grad, Toby has thrived over the years (five and counting). Kick-starting his recruitment career as a resourcer, he now leads our Creative & Design team with an eagle eye for detail and unwavering commitment to excellent customer service. He loves nothing more than making a great match for his clients and helping candidates find their dream role. Toby’s a conscientious fella, but when he does allow himself some time off, he’s normally to be found honing his handicap on the golf course. A little ‘birdie’ tells us he’s really rather good…!

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Toby's latest news and views

Preparing for a Design Interview

Interviewing for design jobs in London is highly competitive. Sure, a portfolio is a foot through the door, and may even wedge the door open…but none of our clients would hire someone solely on the merits of them being a good designer – no matter how good they are.

The Digital Design contract market – A review of Q1

The world of contracting is an interesting one. It’s a roller-coaster ride with significant highs and the potential for significant lows, but right now (Q1 2017) many contractors feel as though we’re in the middle of a big low, with the London contract market seeming very quiet indeed to those affected.

Design and Business: 3 traits of top designers

As recruiters, we’re fortunate to have a helicopter view of the markets we work in - it gives us insight into the many different trends in the many different areas of the market. However, the one “trend” voiced from virtually all corners of the market is that designers of all skill-sets (Visual, UX, Graphic, Branding, etc….) should have a solid understanding of business, and designs place within that.